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Blue Whale Company - Contrôle des consommations d'eau par SMS BREEAM

Spy Can 1.1

For monitoring of water consumption and leak detection
Blue Whale Company - La certification environnementale BREEAM pour l'eau : le spy can 1.1.
Consumption monitoring
Protection against overconsumption
Protection against flooding
Building technical management
Tank refill control
Automatic Pool fill control

Long-lasting autonomous product without wiring
Two-way communication
Interchangeable battery
High performance electronics
Compatible with any type of pulsed meter
Ready to use
Blue Whale Company - Spy can 1.1
Water consumption monitoring
Consumption control
  • Maximum daily volume 
  • Weekly maximum volume 
  • Monthly maximum volume 
Leak detection
Low leak detection
Pipe burst detection
Valve control clock
Modifiable data transmission parameters

Closing valve on alarm
Valve with clok control
Remote alarm
Alarm output for buiding management
Blue Whale Company - Spy can 1.1